Service We Count On

The experience with Active IT Solutions has been great. David and his team are very thorough, knowledgeable and prompt to respond or address any issue or concern. The team at Active IT are wonderful to work with and helpful in explaining technical items and their approach to setup or resolutions. We’re happy to have Active IT on board with our office.

Sarah Jebreil DDS

Reliable and Responsive

Active IT Solutions has worked for us for the past 2 years as our technical support and has managed our computer systems and helped to keep our systems fast, safe and secure. During the past 2 years, I have been impressed with their diligence and high level of technical experience. They have provided us with a responsive service that has given us peace of mind that our data and patient information is safe, secure, and backed up. When there is an issue, we get a fast response. The team consistently produces quality work, on time, and within budget. I recommend Active IT Solutions very highly for any client as their IT Computer Specialist. They will do their very best to do an outstanding job for your computer needs. We stand behind our recommendation with trust and confidence in their performance and ability to handle large and small jobs with a commitment to a high level of excellence.

Georgina Guizar Southern California Orthopedic Specialists

Always There When I Need Them

Excellent customer service. I sleep well at night knowing they are watching over my data.

Meysam Zaker DDS

Responsive with quick resolutions

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Active IT Solutions. We have been using Active IT for many of our IT needs for the past 3 years and will continue to utilize their services due to their quick responsiveness and resolution and as well as great customer service. We are very pleased with the knowledge and skills of their staff. We would highly recommend Active IT Solutions to anyone and/or company in need of great IT service in the future.

Isaac Ramirez Datalog Engineering

Active IT Solutions has always gone above and beyond

Earlier this year we had a potential data breach that could have resulted in a lawsuit. David and his team were able to do a full review of the situation same day. Within an hour or so, they were able to determine where the data breach had taken place, and demonstrate that our systems were in-fact not breached. They then, made recommendations to all parties on how to tighten security further in order to prevent issues like this from occurring moving forward. They went further and wrote a detailed report of their findings which was written in such a way that anyone could understand. Active IT Solutions has always gone above and beyond and I greatly appreciate their level of expertise and customer service.

Russell Abeyratne CEO
Continental Pacific Realty

They have become an integral part of our operations and growth.

We have found their service to be prompt and their employees to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. David is a pretty straight shooter, doesn’t try to sell me things I don’t need but he will make it clear when some of our systems need upgrading so that when things go wrong in the future I will be prepared. When things are not on budget they will come along side me and create a priority list and help me create a budget and plan of action. They have become an integral part of our operations and growth.

Sheryl Drake Elite Property Management

They are fast, capable and efficient. They are exactly what I was looking for.

Since hiring Active IT Solutions, I have been extremely pleased with their services. Their on-boarding was smooth and made the transition from our previous tech easy. Since taking them on, they have given us peace of mind that our data is safe and backed up, they streamlined our tech, and have been very responsive to our service requests when we call or email. Before Active IT Solutions, I handled our local IT needs but with their all-inclusive service, I’ve been able to hand off everything to them which has been a load off. They are fast, capable, and efficient. Their service is exactly what I was looking for. I would feel comfortable recommending their service to anyone.

Rusty Wood VP
West Hills Construction Inc.

We've been with Active IT for years. They are knowledgeable, responsive and sensitive to the importance of system stability for a network dependent company such as ours. Equally important, David and his staff are proactive with timely recommendations to improve performance and security. We consider Active IT a trusted partner in business and highly recommend them.

Bill Greer Datalog Engineering

We are a small law firm in the Riverside area and we have been using Active IT for the last few years when our original IT guy had medical issues. Throughout the few years we have been using the Active IT we have encountered nothing but pure professionalism and extreme knowledge of our computer issues. We are using a rather antiquated database program so not everyone knows how it works.

These guys at Active IT seem to be able to figure out anything. I have to say that with the most recent computer issue that we just had I was very worried that they wouldn't be able to fix the problem. They worked very hard to overcome the issue and I am very happy and pleased that they were indeed able to fix the problem. We definitely plan to continue using Active IT in the future. Much thanks to David, Marcus and Chris at Active IT!!!

Cheryl Welch Administraions and Finance Director
Criminal Defense Lawyers

Mission Packaging relies on Active IT to manage our day to day operations where ever IT is involved. We count on quick responses to our service questions and believe we're well taken care of every step of the way. Like everyone, we experience failures along the way but Active IT is always there to fix it for us. Makes running a business very much easier knowing we have an expert ready to help.

Phil Martinez Mission Packaging, Inc

We have been using Active I.T. for setting up servers, troubleshooting network issues, and setting up workstations for years now. All of the staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to our needs. When you call they understand that your needs are important.

Josh Elder R-Cold, Inc

IT Solutions is the 1st IT service our company has used. They were efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Very easy to work with.

Karen Davis Assistant Secretary
A.D Wilson, Inc

Very knowledgeable and polite always do a good job of guiding while explaining the process.

Andrew Holybee IT Manager