About Us

Active IT Solutions isn’t one of those tech companies that is focused only on profits. We stand behind character, integrity, and trust, and promise to treat your company as though it were our own. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence means we’ll never upsell you on something you don’t need; we’ll only advise that you purchase products and services we believe will help you 100%.

Our mission is for you to forget about us. We want your IT running so smoothly, you never even have to think about it. Active IT Solutions technicians don’t run around putting out fires; we are constantly monitoring, upgrading, and backing up so those fires never start in the first place. We know that running a business takes all of your attention, so we aim to save your valuable time for the important things.

Our Mission

Active IT Solution's mission is to keep our clients up and running with a systematic and proactive approach to I.T. Management. Our core focus for every client is

  • Active Monitoring
  • System Automation
  • Data Protection/Security
  • Rapid Client Response

Through this, we create an environment where clients are able to forget about computer problems and focus on their success.