David Shay started his first company at the age of 8, selling soda and candy to golfers at the local golf course on weekends. Since then he has become a serial entrepreneur with business ranging from painting address curbs to teaching piano and guitar. On the tech side, David built his first computer at the age of 10 from spare parts his dad had owned. In middle school, David became an apprentice to a business owner named Danny who was a quadriplegic and owned an IT company. For the next 5 years, David acted as Danny’s eyes and hands for anything from running the company to troubleshooting & repairing PC’s, Servers, Networks, etc.

David started Active IT Solutions (Originally “Computer Guys”) in 2003 shortly after high school and has grown to company into a thriving Managed Services IT Firm that has served hundreds of companies across the western US. David says that the key to his success in this industry has been empathy. While many IT professionals would sell a company the latest in enterprise (expensive) solutions, David would meet with clients with a more business minded and practical approach. “It’s important to place yourself in the position of the business owner and ask yourself what you would do if this was your company.” With a focus on honesty, quality of work and customer service, David’s goal of building a lasting/thriving company will be acheived.

Chris Banks,is our very talented senior technical engineer, also known as our “Know it all guy,” making him invaluable both to our team and our clients. With his out of the box creative approach to IT, he is able to see around problems, and create solutions that most would have deemed unsolvable. His well-earned position has been paramount to the evolution of Active IT’s growth and stability serving the demanding nature of our business. Bringing almost 25 years of technical experience to the table, it is no wonder why he is the “go to” guy to get the job done. Chris is the proud father of 2 twin boys who are awesome. Seriously, these kids are smart, smart, smart! And it’s no wonder, if you have met their Dad. When Chris isn’t at work doing IT, he is at home doing IT. The guy lives, eats, and sleeps tech. Tech isn’t what Chris does… it’s truly a part of who he is.

Marcus Palma, as one of our best IT techs, is an out of the box thinker. Self-taught since his youth Marcus has been overcoming IT obstacles for over 15 years. With a passion for problem solving, Marcus has been irreplaceable in resolving isolated and remote situations for our team. With classes from computer science, Cisco networking to IT security, there is little Marcus can’t solve. Marcus brings a standard of excellence that is hard to beat. Marcus’ hobbies consist from robotic engineering all the way to poetry and literature. Marcus is recently married and hopes to start a family within the next few years. We at Active IT Solutions are honored to be along for the ride and will support his growing family in every way possible.

Anthony Alvillar is the one to bring it all together. From initial helpdesk to dispatch, Anthony is our first line of action. As the office “Jack of all trades” Anthony handles daily operations without a hitch. With experience in network administration and over 20 years in IT, Anthony is a pillar to the continued growth at Active IT Solutions. Anthony also has a degree in graphic design and 3d modeling. When Anthony isn’t at work keeping our clients up and running, he is serving at Sandals Church in production, sound, and lighting or at home competing online as the next video game world champ.

Josh Arriaza, one of our amazing computer techs has been working in IT since the age of 8. As a specialist in IT ranging from computer systems, hardware/software configurations, troubleshooting and networking, Josh has an extensive IT background. Having his Associates of Science in Computer Information Systems from Chaffey College and being fully prepped in CISCO CCNA, Josh has a lot to bring to the table for our team. Josh is also brilliant at working on cars and auto-body. When Josh isn’t kicking computer problems in the teeth and making sure our client’s data is safe and secure, he is making you tube videos or fixing cars. Josh is also highly focused on self-improvement, reading, and investing. He is always reading a new book, or listening to new pod-casts. The guy is a force
of nature.

Jasmin Palma is our Executive Administrative Assistant with over 3 years of office/administrative experience. She is currently attending Chaffey College to obtain her degree in Sociology. She is hard work driven and always tries to find a solution to any problem. She always gets things done and tries to go above and beyond in helping better our company to better assist our clients. She is also part of our research/marketing team and strives to deliver excellent customer service. On her spare time when she isn’t in the office, she loves to read a good book or paint to de-stress. She is very artistic and loves to have a glass of wine occasionally. She is recently married and hopes to have kids in the next few years as she isn’t ready to change diapers just yet! She is a great asset to our Active It Family.

Curtis Hacker has been working in the IT Field for over 20 years with a degree from Arizona State University in computer science. His expertise is a huge asset to our team and to our clients with his extensive knowledge of networking, troubleshooting, and out of the box thinking. He is also a skilled programmer with the ability to code in several languages. Beyond his IT skills he is a skilled carpenter with competency in welding, cabinetry, flooring, framing, plumbing, electrical, etc. etc. etc. Needless to say, he is a very talented individual. To top it all off, he serves in sound, lighting, and production at Sandals church and is in a mission to become a master at playing guitar. Is there anything he can’t do?!?

Caleb Shay, Future CEO

Caleb is the future of Active IT Solutions. As the CEO in training, he is currently studying the fundamentals of counting to 20, Daniel Tiger, and the art of ‘getting what you want by crying.’ When he isn’t eating his PB&J, his favorite activities include riding his bike, singing, and coming up with adorable ways to make women swoon. He is looking forward to being an older brother  and wants to be “Strong Like Daddy.”